Come and see 'Untitled' the Deep.Sleep at Lyric Square

The project has visited 19 European cities since 2016, including most recently in London, visiting the Red Gallery and Westfield London before coming to Lyric Square on the 15th, 16th and 17th August, from 7pm to 10pm.

Embedded into diverse spaces, ‘Untitled’ the Deep.Sleep is a theatrical intervention which challenges the audience perspective to chill and relax in the least expected surroundings. Are you a spectator or a participant? Can the observer redefine art?

You could be rushing around when unexpectedly you notice in the public setting what appears to be a bedroom in the open space. You’re soon lying down, gazing into the open dark blue sky wondering if you too could be released from the turmoil of your daily life, if you can be truly free from the clutch of your own routine, concerns, prejudice, preoccupied mind; everything that disturbs your inner calm. You’re closing your eyes for it’s such a lovely midsummer night, and in your Neverland you are carried gently by the wind towards your enigmatic star.

Thus, the only interaction which occurs between the artist and observer is the unifying aesthetic sensibility of the meditative and relaxing state of mind of each.

The project does not aim to respond or challenge nor to provoke, but rather to immerse the public into the changing relations of subjects and matters of what constitutes life and art.

‘Untitled’ the Deep.Sleep is a live installation in progress created and performed by Yulia Hampton. She works predominately with performances and large-scale installations including the medium of 3D collages on paper, photography and video.

Valencia 2016

Milan 2017

Palermo 2016