Let’s meet some of the contenders in the running this year.

Byron I Love Lunch Selfie  

Byron Burgers


I’m Thiago, General Manager at Byron Burgers.  Hammersmith is a great location to be as it has the best that London has to offer in one place – great pubs, restaurants, theatres and a very nice neighbourhood feel. The I LOVE LUNCH competition is creating a nice vibe out and about and we’d love to win Best Restaurant.  It would be a ‘burger’ if we don’t!

If I could recommend something from the menu it would be our signature Byron burger with french fries, or our awesome Beetnik burger with sweet potato fries. Along with our meat burgers, we have some exciting vegetarian and vegan options – we’ve just started serving the delicious flexi burgers (a blended version of beef burger and mushroom) and we also serve the coldest beers in town and the most amazing milkshakes! As an extra treat to customers, we offer 20% off the food bill with a HammersmithLondon Privilege Card.

The secret to a great lunch is having a great atmosphere at work, a bright and welcoming smile on our team’s face, and a fast and friendly service!

Patisserie Valerie  

Patisserie Valerie


Inside our branch in Hammersmith, you will discover hand-made cakes and patisserie, continental breakfasts, lunches, the finest teas and coffees and an atmosphere that is unique to each Patisserie Valerie.

Our Mission Statement is ‘To continue to be the UK’s leading cafe-patisserie, offering the finest products and outstanding service to our customers, in unique surroundings’. At Patisserie Valerie our customers are really important to us. We show this through the way that we welcome, greet and engage with them all the whole time they are with us.

We love our cakes and treats and know all about them, so we can tempt our customers through mouth-watering descriptions and great recommendations.

If we had to recommend a lunch on the menu, we would go for our new set menu of 2 courses for £9.95 and 3 courses at £12.95 and we highly recommend the afternoon tea for two at only £25.

It’s a great honour to be part of I LOVE LUNCH and getting people to know more about us and our brand. To celebrate we are giving HammersmithLondon Privilege Card holders a 10% discount during the competition.

La Petite Bretagne  

La Petite Bretagne


Hello.  I’m Olivia representing La Petite Bretagne, a lovely French restaurant who serve delicious sweet and savoury crepes. With our open-plan kitchens, each customer can witness their own crepe being freshly prepared on demand. Nothing is precooked, and we always source the best ingredients available. Our main speciality is the crepe (of course), but we also offer a wide array of salads, waffles and ice cream, not to mention the amazing “Kouign Amann”, a delicious Breton pastry made with puff pastry, sugar and butter (salted of course!).

Our savoury crepes (also known as galettes in French) are made with French buckwheat flour, which allows us to offer gluten and wheat free products.

We love being based in Hammersmith as it’s such a brilliant neighbourhood! The area is always very lively and there are lots of great places which are worth a visit. Theatres, pubs, walks by the Thames, there is always something fun to do. Not to mention our delicious crepes 😉

To really enjoy the experience of La Petite Bretagne and its French crepes, we suggest you choose a savoury crepe. Our Complète crepe is our best one, and the most traditional crepe in Brittany. Lastly, your menu would not be complete without some proper Breton cider! We work closely with the Kerisac farm, located in a little town called Guenrouët in south Brittany, to offer our customers a wide range of cider that will perfectly complement our crepes and galettes. A savoury crepe with a cider, it’s the perfect match!

Our secret to a great lunchtime experience is that there is no secret! It’s all in our universe. You just need to enjoy our lunch and let the French atmosphere take you away, with the French music, French language and French flavours.

We are really enjoying being part of I LOVE LUNCH again this year.   It’s nice to feel to be part of a community. This competition is a great way to discover all the nice places to eat in Hammersmith. It also encourages our team to deliver the best possible service and creates great memories for everyone.  We’d love to win I LOVE LUNCH this year and as previous winners, why not go for the trophy again! Like every restaurant in Hammersmith, we have our universe and it’s this point who can make the difference between us. May the best restaurant win!

DW I Love Lunch Selfie  

DW Fitness First


I’m Jono, General Manager at DW Fitness First.  We’ve gone the extra mile this year installing the “pop up coffee shop”.  In addition to the usual chilled protein drinks and protein bars or other soft drinks you can consume within the seating area, the “pop up coffee shop” serves fine coffees and other hot drinks and homemade protein balls, which are all lovely.  At the café, Nutramino Protein Bar (the coconut one) after a good HIIT workout is highly recommended.  And maybe a shot of espresso before workout 🙂

Hammersmith is such a great location to be based.  I love it!   It’s close to the river, it has a great community feel and it’s a quick trip to Central London, and, probably more importantly – a quick trip home…  which means I get to spend more time at work in Hammersmith and at work in the gym with a great team and great fun-loving members 🙂

It’s good fun being involved in I LOVE LUNCH for the team and members.  We were runners-up last year, as a dark horse in the competition.  The term for café in the dictionary is an establishment which sells food and drink – which we do – albeit most of it in protein form….

Being the competitive bunch that we are we would love to win this year – so have tried further improving our offering for the competition.  Come down and have a look and why not sign up for a free 3-day pass while you’re there!

The Atrium Cafe  

The Atrium Café


I’m Wendy from Cooking for a Crowd. We run both the Atrium Café and the conference room catering and have been here at St Paul’s for 1.5years.

At the Atrium Café, we are passionate about great tasting, fresh, honest food and friendly and welcoming service. Our customers love our ‘Burford Brown’ 4 egg omelettes with a choice of 3 fillings (customers can select from a list of fresh fillings). Also, very popular is our mezze platter with hummus, salad, roasted vegetables, olives and grilled halloumi. Every day we have a selection of salads on the counter which are freshly prepared, gluten-free and vegetarian.

We love our location in Hammersmith. We are off the beaten track, and some effort is required to find us! But well worth the effort and customers are delighted when they find us. The Atrium is a bright, quiet and calm oasis and a perfect lunch spot!

If I could recommend a lunch I would go for my favourite without a doubt. The hummus, red pepper, pesto and spinach sandwich with a salad on the side! We also offer 10% off all hot drinks with a HammersmithLondon Privilege Card.

Coco di Mama  

Coco di Mama


Hello! I’m Alberto, General Manager at Coco di Mama.  Serving Italian food to go in Hammersmith Broadway.

Being based in Hammersmith is a great location.  It has a great community where everyone looks after each other.   Being part of I LOVE LUNCH is new to us.  It’s something we’ve never done before and to win would make us proud! We’re unique in what we do, and we do it at a reasonable price with great pride and love for our customers!

As a lunchtime recommendation, I’d go for the pasta.  As masters of fast pasta, our pasta is fresh and delicious and comes in 16 choices.

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