Lumi Mindful Moments on Lyric Square

Hey Everyone,

Lumi Foundation are hosting MINDFUL MOMENTS on Lyric Square as part of the Summer Festival. Join us for a 10-minute Mindfulness session on:

Wednesday 26 July at 12.30 AND 13.00 AND 13.30

Mindful Moment is a led mindfulness session, brought to you by Lumi Foundation. It’s a break from work, e-mails, screens and hectic schedules…. It’s 10 minutes of being present and giving yourself a “time-out”. The session will be seated and you need no gear or preparation – just show up!

Mindfulness can improve memory, reduce stress, raise IQ levels and keep you balanced. A Mindful Moment is an introduction to how Western Psychology has progressed with influence from the East.

Lumi Foundation aims to make Yoga For All and your contribution of awareness and potential donation will give access to disabled children, the elderly and people suffering from isolation to experience the transformative benefits of Yoga specially designed for them.

Stop. Breathe. Relax. Join us for a Mindful Moment!

For more information or to host a Mindful Moment in your business, please click here.